Wessex Coin is a leading supplier of coin operated gaming and amusement equipment in the UK and abroad.

For over 40 years Wessex has developed a reputation for outstanding quality at affordable prices all tested to the highest of standards and supported by our professional and knowledgeable team.

Blue Prints King of Games Titan (Arcade) available for sale. Please contact Wessex Coin sales 01635 552131 Chris or Karl, 07713 186650 for Rod, 07768 837799 Wilf, or 07841 507620 Karen.

Blue Prints Digital B4 available for sale - coming into stock soon. Game compendium - call for details 01635 552131 Chris/Karl, 07713 186650 Rod, 07768 837799 Wilf , or 07841 507620 Karen

Nova's original Skill Ball Zingy now in stock and available for sale. Please call Wessex Coin sales team 01635 552131 Chris / Karl, 07768 837799 for Wilf, 07713 186650 Rod, and 07841 507620 Karen.

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